KalsiPlank Painted

KalsiPlank® Painted is a finished weatherboard coated with specially developed paints applied in factory conditions. The process ensures homogeneous thickness and strong adherence to the fibre cement matrix, maximizing the lifespan of the product
KalsiPlank® Painted comes in two attractive surfaces, Smooth and Woodgrain.


  • Resistant to the attack of termites, insects and most other vermin
  • Moist, mould and water resistant
  • Wide variety of thickness and applications
  • Impact resistant
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Easy to work and install

Surface finishes

Wood grain


Colour Range

C01 White

C07 Cream White

C08 Sand Yellow

C15 Dark Grey
* Please note that the above colours may vary due to the monitor’s tonal configuration. Kindly refer only to the real product samples to have an accurate idea of the real shades.
“KalsiPlank® is a
brilliant solution to
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