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KalsiPlank Wood Series by Kalsi

The natural regional forests, with its tremendous resources offer a wide range of wood types such as Teak and Meranti. These woods have long been known as the noblest timber representing beauty, strength and flexibility in one single tree. The characteristics of these timber woods have been nurtured in the hearts and minds of people from generation to generation as they provide ideal building material solutions.

It is exactly in these characteristics which inspire Kalsi® to innovate further. This is why we present new products which also stand for beauty, strength and flexibility, identical to the best timber.

The result of our work is the “Kalsi® Wood Series”, a new product range designed to fit the purpose of the interior and exterior applications for siding wall applications and decorative decking, and we name this range of Kalsi® products as Kalsi® Wood Series.

KalsiPlank Jati
KalsiPlank Cedar
KalsiPlank Jati-IL
KalsiPlank Meranti-IL
KalsiDeck Meranti
KalsiDeck Meranti-VL

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